The Harsh Reality | Social Media And Your Business

The Low Down Dirty Facts

*Will Your Business Survive*

Here are my two cents on social media, and why its a facade of mostly garbage. Kind of like the good cholesterol that you should have in your system verses the bad.

Do any of you remember when Facebook first came out? It was just a social platform to keep in touch with distant friends, co-workers and family. Little did we know their was going to be such a thing as identity theft and Facebook was going to be one the biggest contributors. Being in the fine art photography business, I, like everyone else who was serious about being found on the world wide web, needed to get a Facebook business page. Well, thats what I was told, lol. This meant that I first had to set up a personal page with all my personal info, otherwise we could not get that business page. So now I have two pages with lots of personal info for Facebook.

Now after all these years, we are finding out the low down dirty facts of Facebook. Canceling your account with them is another problem. They just wont let you and your info go bye bye. They wont just cancel any of your accounts. They say it takes 14 days now to cancel and I hope that’s true.

Its a real shame they own Instagram, and that is what I have used for the past year consistently. Instagram seems to be less intrusive personally and even enjoyable at times – but – but – hold on. As I research and implement different types of accounts on Instagram, I find it to be very fake. At this time, Instagram is more about how many followers you have than quality of your work or business.

What do I mean by that – Well, I have a few accounts – The one I used for the past 12 months is chitown_storyteller. I gained my followers the usual way, which is ridiculous, but its the only way to build an audience. (follow for follow).  I would say that more than 50 percent of Instagram users are still using a follower app, POD, or some type of software to gain a bigger following. A following is like your (Design). The larger it is, the more people will click on it to see what’s inside. Sad, but true. Its very easy to tell the ones who use these apps and PODS. Most of them will have 1,500 or more followers and only following 200 to 300. Yep, so then you will see 15,000 followers, verses 250 following as they grow. What does that do for them? It makes them look better and others will click their profile to see what their account looks like. If the posts look good, they may even get a click to their web-site. If your following is small and you did this organically, the right way, you most likely will not any interest or others to click onto your account. Still, social media is a must these days and I see many artists that do very well in the real world, with very small social media followings. That is when you know you made it in the real world. You only use social media as it should be used.

I have new accounts with my award winning fine art that doesn’t get a comment and maybe 30 likes. I find a very interesting stat that no matter how good a work is, you wont get any comments on it, unless you have a decent following. Now the same image on my good account gets lots of comments. Social media has brainwashed us in a way to make us like what they want us to like. How many with huge accounts have you looked at, that make you scratch your head? lol. too many.

The newest way to become famous on Instagram is the POD. Its been around for a couple years, but its the new thing now, since Instagram is cracking down on apps. A POD is a group of collaborators that band together, so when you make a new post, your POD instantly like and comment on your post. This unleashes the algorithm to give you a huge number of impressions, which in turn get you onto the explore page and featured in influencer accounts, even if you post or work is sub-par. Yes, its so easy to know who does this, just look at their post for the first hour.

Remember Facebook is the place that houses all these PODS for Instagram. Just go to Facebook and search groups.

So this is what your going to deal with these days, in order to make your business stand out.

Businesses who want to do well on social media, have to commit to some sort of tactic like these, just to survive. Reputation and quality work is no longer important, its all about your following.

Best of luck to all you struggling businesses



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