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Street Photography Tips and Techniques

Picture of a very interesting homeless man with a long white beard.Street photography is the most compelling type of storytelling if done right. Many photographers don’t like this style because it takes a lot of time learning, making mistakes, and re-evaluating.

In 2000 I started a new series in Chicago dedicated to the streets and the most interesting recluse people who didn’t want to be part of society anymore. This part took six months to learn how to do.



Black and White Photograph of a homeless woman in ChicagoIn this series called Forgotten Souls, I met so many interesting souls with most interesting stories to tell. A policeman from Hungary writing a book, and living on the streets. An ex-painter (artist) who drew my portrait as I talked and photographed him.

Some of the stories are fascinating, and can be overwhelming. Each of these people tell a story with their emotions and actions.



Storyteller Workshop

This is a street photography workshop that we will be doing once a month on Sunday mornings or Sunday evenings when the rest of the city is asleep or not as active. This class takes a lot of concentration and work, so the less active the city is, the better.

Candid Workshop

This is a street photography workshop that will be done once a month on a Saturday at anytime, depending on our goal. In this workshop we will travel around the hustle and bustle of the city and compose some great images that tell a story. These are the types of images that capture a moment in time.

Length of Workshop – 4 Hours
Cost: Per Person – $365.00

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