black and white street photograph of a homeless man playing a hand made instrument
The Chicago Street Musician

Kevin O’Connell brings a new approach to street photography with his amazing fine art urban scenes and portraits

Kevin has been a street photographer for 20 years. His style of street photography is refreshing with a compelling storytelling technique he brings out in his images. The street portraits are so natural and heartfelt. Most of the people he photographs have an interesting story to tell and Kevin captures the emotions within, as he listens to them talk about the past. If you haven’t seen Kevins street portraits, then you are missing something very special. He doesn’t compromise his integrity with heavy post processing and darkened contrasty images. The images this street photographer  creates are fine art renditions of what he sees, true to life.

When Kevin is not shooting street portraits, he is looking for the story or stories within the urban landscape. His Black and White architecture photographs are amazing in and off itself. They are simple lines, squares and circles that he captures in a sublime way. As he walks through the city, sometimes a building scene catches his eye.

Chicago Street Photos – Buildings & Architecture

Old Water Tower Chicago

 Urban Street Scenes

An urban picture of chicago buildings in black and white
Chicagos Finest Architecture

Check out Kevins website to get more info about awards, books and prints for – Here you can read his blog and more info about his upcoming shows.

If you’re looking to purchase prints on fine art paper, canvas or metal, go to this – You will be able to buy prints and look at many different galleries here.

To check out Kevin’s Instagram , you can go here – @chitown_storyteller

black and white street photograph at night of Chicago river, south branch
Chicago River – South Branch