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Street Photographers like  Kevin O’Connell have been shooting urban photography scenes for 20 years or more. His style of photography is refreshing with a compelling storytelling technique that he brings out in his images. The street portraits are so natural and heartfelt because of the people he photographs, who have an interesting story to tell.  His images Kevin captures the emotions within, as he listens to them talk about the past. or a significant story they have.

Urban Photography Scene

If you haven’t seen Kevins street portraits, then you are missing something very special. He doesn’t compromise his integrity with heavy post processing and darkened contrasty images because he feels that it should be more about the emotion. The images this street photographer creates are fine art renditions of what he sees, true to life.

Like some street photographers,  he walks the streets of Chicago, he is always looking in the distance for eye catching scenes. A new series of work called, above the horizon, is his newest collection.  It’s the architecture of building clusters he see’s made up of simple lines, squares and circles in a minimalistic setting. 

Chicago Street Photos – Buildings & Architecture

A lot of Kevin’s street photography is photographed in inclement weather, because it adds more interest in an image. Setting the mood is a huge part of getting the right shot. The picture below was taken of the old water tower on Michigan Avenue. It was one of the only buildings that survived the Chicago fire of 1871.

Our newest Urban Architecture Series will blow you away

Above The Horizon


street photographer kevin oconnell shoots an urban photograph of the old water tower in chicago
Old Water Tower Chicago

Kevin O’Connell

Street photographer Kevin OConnell
Kevin OConnell

If you live in Chicago or visit, keep an eye out for Kevin, as he is always walking these streets. A professional photographer with 40 years experience in both film and digital.  He has been photographing the Chicago Streets since 2000, with many international awards. Being a philanthropist in a way, always talking to the homeless and helping them out. This past year, he helped a homeless man from Ireland get back to his home in Belfast.

 Urban Street Scenes

man walking outside the chicago Berghoff at sunset
Chicago Berghoff


If you’re looking to purchase prints on fine art paper, canvas or metal, contact me through my contact form at the top of the page,.

To check out Kevin’s Instagram , you can go here – @chitown_storyteller

Check out the fine art photography page for links to special street collections and tips on shooting street photography

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