Photography Workshops

    If your coming to Chicago, you should’t miss some of the great attractions we have and learn some new techniques while Photographing them.

    Chicago Cityscapes, Lake Michigan Lighthouse Workshop, Historic Route 66 Workshop Tour

    Coolest Photography Workshops and Customized Tours by Kevin OConnell

    Try an amazing 6-day lighthouse Photography workshop around 1,000 miles of Lake Michigan. Learn some really cool camera techniques and tips.

    These classes are very non-stressful and fun, so don’t be nervous about your experience, or little knowledge of cameras or Photography. I am here to make your experience fun and memorable, while teaching you some easy to learn techniques that will turn your pictures into keepers.

    • Do you need help figuring out your camera settings?
    • Are you passionate about Photography, but want to get better?
    • Do you like doing something you love, and having fun while doing it?
    • Are you sick of online tutorials that just don’t seem to do it?
    • Are you interested in learning how to get great images?

    Chicago Photography Workshops

    Try the landmarks tour during the week, and the Friday Night Lights Workshop for an evening of creative night images.


    Lake Michigan Lighthouse Photography Workshop

    For a stellar workshop for 6 days and 5 nights, try the amazing Lake Michigan Lighthouse Tour. On this wonderful workshop you will be treated as royalty while learning some great photo techniques that you will have you wanting more. 




    Route 66 Photography Workshop

    I wanted to design this special workshop for photography lovers, lighthouse enthusiasts, and adventure comrades. My classes are a hands on approach to composition, lighting, and other perspectives of photographing beautiful pictures. We could have a sit down class every morning, and then a recap every-night, but do you really want that? Wouldn’t you rather go right to the source, and start shooting.




    Street Photography Workshop

    Street photography is the probably the most compelling type of storytelling photography. Many photographers don’t like this style because it takes a lot of time learning, making mistakes, and re-evaluating ideas on how to make compelling stories with no words needed.





    Frozen St Joseph Lighthouse Workshop

    If your looking for one workshop to do for the year, this is it. Join me for 3 hours,  sunset included, to photograph the iconic St Joseph lighthouse covered in ice. This is a spectacular place, that will have you gleaming from ear to ear. Limited to two days only in Feb of 2017 – to client max.