These are some of the awards Kevin has won over the years for his unique  and creative fine art Photography style, that has given him International exposure as one of the most influential Photographers of the 21st century. A lot of these winning images are fine art landscapes, architecture photographs and creative techniques I use in my Photography.

International Awards for Fine Art Photography, Landscapes, Nature, Architecture

Creative Photography, Painting With Light in Haunted Mansions, Night and Long Exposure Photographs

Moscow International Foto Awards

Winners Gallery

Fine Art Landscapes (Series)

This is a fine art picture of the Old Mission Lighthouse in Michigan.
Old Mission Point Light
Winter picture of the Waukegan Illinois harbor lighthouse with a sheet of ice over it that looked like glass.
Waukegan Harbor Light
This is a Winter landscape photograph of the Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse with the Mackinac bridge in the background, on a very cold December 30th in 2015.
Mackinaw Lighthouse







International Monochrome Awards – London

Category | Architecture

Winners Gallery

Title – Gotham City

long exposure print that I took on Wabash Street and Lake Street. The El is in motion above, with the movement of a bus and car lights below. Its twilight in Chicago.
Fine Art Long Exposure Photography







International Color Awards (Masters Cup) | Architecture, Pro Division

Winners Gallery

Title – Timeless

A picture of the interior of a very old historical home in Joliet Illinois
Painting With Light







4th International Black and White Spider Awards | Nature, Pro Division

Winners Gallery

Title – Whispers of Antarctica

A Black and White nature picture of a very unique pressure ridge jetting up through the ice and snow covered ocean like carved ice sculptures.
Pressure Ridges







2011 International Photography Awards | Honorable Mention | Special : Night

Winners Gallery

Title – Hidden Staircase

Picture of the hidden back staircase that is only accessible from the second floor bedroom in the haunted McPike Mansion.
McPike Mansion







2009 International Aperture Awards

Bronze Metals

Picture of a very interesting homeless man with a long white beard.
Chicago Homeless
A picture of a New Zealand landscape covered in fog.
New Zealand Picture
Photograph just outside of New Zealand Scott Base of the pressures ridges. These are very interesting natural ice sculptures.
Antarctic Landscape







Myartworkspace International Art Competition 

All Art Genres

2nd Place

This is a Black and White nature Image of Cape Royds during a blizzard in Antarctica. The sun looks like the moon from the dense clouds.
Cape Royds Antarctica








International Photography Awards | One Shot One World Competition

Winners Gallery

Honorable Mention

Picture of the famous Observation in Antarctica, from the very top, looking down across hundreds of miles of frozen landscape.
Observation Hill Antarctica










The Worldwide Photography Gala Awards

 Storyteller Book – Antarctica Series

Storyteller Book

Picture of the Antarctica Pressure Ridges on the Ross Ice shelf next to the New Zealand Base.
Ross Ice Shelf
Picture of Snow covered Hut Point Peninsula in Antarctica. The ocean waves to the left were frozen in place.
Hut Point Peninsula
Picture of the iconic Pressure Ridges in Antarctica. Many different ice and snow formations with dangerous crevasse's you can fall into.
Antarctica Photograph







A Distinctive Style Magazine 4th Edition
Featured Artist – Kevin O’Connell
Featured Actor – Leonardo DiCaprio


Photograph of two ancient cobblestone Pagodas at the base of the mountains.
Chinese Stone Pagodas
Picture of a very old cobblestone street in Yangmei China, with the locals sitting, working, and playing musical instruments.
Yangmei China








The Kava Club * BOOK *

The Kava Club is a book I am finishing about my friendship with one of the last true kings (Imata Kabua) of the Marshall Islands, who sponsored me to be part of his secret Kava Club. Its about the stories Imata and the senators talked about with myself during our club meetings. There accountings of what happened at Bikini Atoll, and many other stories dealt with after the nuclear testing. I will also tell you how I became very ill while a part of this club, and then exiled for trying to get medical help outside of my jurisdiction, when they said nothing was wrong.

Book by Kevin OConnell about his time in the secret Kava Club
Biography by Kevin OConnell of the secret Kava Club in Marshall Islands