Award Winning Photographs of Antarctica 

Living inside Antarctica, the most awe inspiring place on earth by photographer Kevin O’Connell. The days are filled with light 24/7 for six months, then darkness comes and turns the lights out for the rest of the year. If you have ever wanted to see what the inside of Antarctica really looks like, read on.  Some of the most beautiful images on earth, including active volcanos and treacherous blizzards.

Black and white picture for sale of an antarctic blizzard on cape royds
Cape Royds Blizzard


A Photographers 4 Month Journey Inside This Unforgiving Continent

Photographer Kevin O’Connell’s photographic journey inside Antarctica.  Dangerous yet lovely continent, with mesmerizing pictures for sale. 

A continent that most people, including photographers, will never see, because of rules and regulations. Most images you will find when searching Antarctica, will show icebergs and Penguins. The reason for this is, because they are from around the outside of Antarctica, not actually inside this amazing continent. The only way to get to the inside is by plane, landing on an ice runway, or trekking through some of the most dangerous terrain on earth. People spend many thousands of dollars to take a cruise around the outside shoreline, but never actually even step foot on Antarctic soil. Those iceberg pictures are beautiful, but if you want to see what Antarctica really looks and feels like from the inside, read on. 


The Beauty and The Beast – Frozen Antarctic Landscape – Prints

I was lucky enough to experience this amazing island, from Sept of 2007 till Feb of 2008. I will never forget the beauty and unforgiving nature of her. In summer the sun never goes down, so sometimes the horizon cant be found. Everything in front of your face is the same shade of white. Have you ever gotten lost in a dark place. Picture yourself in the middle of the day, surrounded by sunshine, but seeing nothing but white in all directions. This is the only place on earth that people have gotten lost and perished in the middle of the day, because they couldn’t find their way back home. 

snow covered Hut Point Peninsula in Antarctica. The ocean waves to the left were frozen in place.
Hut Point

At times mother nature turns into a beast, so windy that if you’re not holding on to something, you will be blown away. On those day you won’t be going outside. These pictures were taken with a large format 4×5 film camera, and a Canon 5D. The picture above is hut point, a place of great historic significance. As you can see, the waves were frozen in place by the wind. I had to set the timer on my camera for this, and lay on my tripod to keep it steady. It actually doesn’t snow or rain much here. The snow is mostly blown here from the surrounding mountain ranges.


No Insects or Polar Bears Live in Antarctica

Besides being  one of the most beautiful place on earth, no bugs, flies or spiders can live in this cold climate. No Polar Bears here, just seals, killer whales and plenty of Skua’s. Skua’s are large predatory seabirds that can take off a finger quite easy. You have to be careful if waiting anything outside, as these girds are known to dive down and grab whatever you’re eating, in the blink of an eye.


Iconic Pictures

Antarctica Ice Runway Prints
Ice Runway
Inside Antarctica - Kevin OConnell Photography
Observation Hill
the oden Icebreaker coming into port at mcmurdo base
Oden Icebreaker
A picture of workers from the McMurdo Base running and walking in the Antarctica marathon.
Ice Runway Marathon






McMurdo Station

Above left are the electricians that have to adjust the Papi lights for the runway. this is done every few days because of very strong winds and snow drifts. In Antarctica, the winds can be so strong that you will have to stay inside for safety.

The next image is McMurdo Station. This is where all National Science Foundation and the craftsmen that build for them live. Once a year, an icebreaker from Sweden called the Oden comes into port. It takes them 3 months to get there. Behind them, the cargo ships come into the base with gas and food for the next year. the Last image is a picture of the ice runway area during the Antarctic marathon. It’s a real marathon designed for the workers and goes for many miles through ice and snow.


Iconic Scotts Hut on Cape Royds

Scotts Hut is an amazing iconic dwelling that was built by Robert Falcon Scott and his British Terra Nova Expedition team in 1911. They were there to be the first to discover the south pole. When they finally reached the south pole, they were about a month late as Roald Amundsen from Norway beat them by 34 days. On the return journey Scott and his team all perished because of the extreme weather conditions.

The hut is on Cape Evans, and kept as it was before the team left. Everything is untouched and still in its place, frozen in time. It’s a spectacular piece of history to see in person. On the table, still lies a frozen seal cut open that they were eating before heading to the south pole.

The inside of the iconic Scotts Hut on Cape Royds
Scotts Hut
The Outside of Scotts Hut in Antarctica
Scotts Hut on Cape Evans








Our Prints and Locations

Amazing antarctic prints that were taken in some of the most remote places on earth. Famous and Iconic Scotts Hut, Observation Hill, and McMurdo Sound, and incredible landscapes. Many of these spectacular Fine Art Images have won international awards and published around the world.

Offered as prints in various different sizes and materials. They look sublime on metal and canvas. 


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