A Route 66 Collection of Fine Art Images

by the creative award winning photographer & old coot, Kevin O’Connell


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What Makes Our Prints So Special
Kevin O’Connell is a professional fine art photographer with an emphasis on creativity, bold, and off the beaten path imagery. The images Kevin looks for and finds aren’t your typical Route 66 pics, they are pieces of a history that were part of an american tradition. Many of his pictures are old abandoned farms, structures and buildings that use to be part of a thriving era, but have seen better days. These unique places have lots of character that will have you thinking of what it may have been like back in those days. Kevin searches out places that most don’t pay attention to, or just plain, don’t see. After 40 years of passion, he still cant sleep the night before one of his route 66 adventures, thinking of what he might find, hidden among the historic back roads.

Kevin says; “making this route 66 collection is my peace and harmony. It gives me immeasurable joy to search out these old places and shoot them. I cant explain it in words, but I still forget everything else that’s going on around me when I’m out photographing. Its never been about the money or the exposure. Each and every image I take is well thought out, even though I most likely am seeing this place of interest for the first time. If its not good enough for myself to hand on my walls, it gets deleted. I take my work very seriously and my clients will see this in my work.


Now That My Friends, Is Dedication

What you get when you buy one of our pictures

A one of a kind fine art image that was meticulously composed by a professional photographer of over 40 years, who has won many international awards, published in photography books and magazines for his work, excepted to show at the most prestigious art show in the world (ArtPrize) and dedicated to make his pictures affordable for everyone, not just the wealthy.

When you click the link below to go to the route 66 collection, you will find very affordable prices for everyone. You will also find high end large metal prints and canvas prints as well as mats and frames. We use one of the leading photography labs in the world because you deserve the very best quality product out there.  We also have a section of specialty greeting cards. Buy just one or a large box full at great prices. These are fantastic for gifts and as a general card to send your friends and family.

We wish our competition the best in everything they do and can only attest to the quality control of our own fine art images and will say that ours are the very best – bar none.

Here is the link to our Historic Route 66 Collection Click Here

Kevin is putting together a 5 or 6 day fun filled route 66 photography workshop. Starting from the starting point on Adams street, going to Amarillo Texas. During this small workshop, we will photograph some cool and unique route 66 attractions, along with historic hidden places that have been abandoned for many years. Abandoned places have their own majestic feel to them. 

Kevin and Vickie will be your guides on the incredible workshop. Weather your a new photographer with no experience, or advanced, this photography workshop is for you. Kevin will give you all of his tips, tricks, and techniques to make this a must do for anyone that loves Route 66 or nostalgic americana. 

If you interested in more info on the route 66 workshop, send up a note here – contact

Check out our Route 66 Photography Workshop – From Chicago Illinois to Amarillo Texas – Here 

We are still in the process of getting a workshop ready for this fall, so stay tuned.


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