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Chicago is one of the greatest cities for skyline and street photography. Kevin O’Connell is a native of this wonderful city and has taken the bar up a notch, with many award winning fine art images. In the Chicago collection, you will have your pick from many amazing skylines, interesting night imagery, to fine art black and white street photographs that are Kevin’s bread and butter. Kevin’s style of photography is a unique mix of color popping cityscapes and night scenes to the finest street photography portraits that tell a real story.

If your looking to buy prints with a unique and creative style, you will be more than satisfied with this collection of wall art. From the rooftops of the Hard Rock Hotel, to the off the beaten path depths on the streets, you will be content with the many photos for sale in this collection.

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Kevin OConnell has won many international awards for his fine art photography over the past 20 years. He teaches photography workshops to people from all over the world, with a five star rating. Kevin calls Chicago home and has lived in this great city all his life. If you haven’t see Kevin’s work, you are missing out on some truly amazing photography that shows why he is the best fine art street photographer in Chicago. 


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If your interested in a custom one on one Chicago photography workshop, check out our private workshops for beginners to advanced photographers. Good workshops are proven to move you to the next level 10 times faster than reading books or watching tutorials online. Also, as a bonus, Kevin teaches them, so why not learn from a 40 year veteran with accolades than someone with no credentials. He will tech you many of his techniques that got him where he is today.

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