Fine Art Photography Prints

Black and White Photographs

A creative collection of fine art photography by Kevin OConnell

fine art black and white print of an old abandoned farm during a thunderstormA fine art black and white picture of two trees fine art black and white print of an old iconic gas station on historic route 66

The Fine Art Collection


Who are we and why buy one of our prints

Thats an easy question to answer. When you buy a fine art picture from us, you buying a one of a kind piece of art. Kevin has been a photographer since 1978, specializing in both film and digital. His works have been shown in the International show Artprize 3 times, won many international high end competitions and published in many magazines and photo books. Your not just buying a picture, you buying a wonderful fine art print that will last a lifetime.

Our fine art pieces are made of the finest quality materials by the best printer in the business. We care about our clients and only strive to make you the best product from start to finish.


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