A Fine Art Photography Collection by Kevin O’Connell

Prints from around the world, including Antarctica, China, Marshall Islands, Bali and many more. If you’re looking for one of a kind Fine Art Photography Prints that will off your room or office, these are the ones. Many international award winners in the collection, and incredible places most people will never step foot on.

Most of our prints are Black and White, because a well done monochrome photograph has a certain elegance that is hard to explain. When you buy one of our fine art photography prints, you’re not just buying picture, you’re buying a piece of art .

fine art black and white print of an old iconic gas station on historic route 66
Historic Mobile Gas Station
fine art black and white print of an old abandoned farm during a thunderstorm
Rural Thunderstorm
A fine art black and white picture of two trees
The Trees

Why Buy A Kevin O’Connell Print?

Thats an easy question to answer. When you buy a fine art photography print from Kevin O’Connell, you’re buying a one of a kind fine art photograph. Since Kevin has been a photographer, his pictures have been shown in the International (Artprize) 3 times, and has won awards in many international competitions . You’re not just buying a picture, you’re buying a wonderful fine art print that will last a lifetime, because our fine art prints are made of the finest quality materials by the best printer in the business. We care about our clients and strive to make you the best product to hang on your walls.

Since 2000 Kevin has been documenting Chicago life. He has been walking the Chicago Streets for almost 20 years and meeting the most interesting people. This is when he started the amazing Street Portraits he is known for. If you haven’t seen a Kevin O’Connell Street Portraits, you’re missing out. Below is a teaser and below that is a link to his newest work.

Kevin’s Street Photography Tips and Techniques

If you love street photography and want to learn some great techniques, don’t miss Kevin O’Connells Street Photography Tips He talks about proven techniques and methods that he has learned over the past 20 plus years, with both film and digital cameras.

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