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A corner in Chicago on Christmas day with people texting and shopping
Street Corner Texting

The Chicago Streets from Kevin’s perspective. A professional urban photographer of over 40 years.

Chicago has been Kevin’s home for over 56 years, and 40 of those years as a photographer. He moved to the Chicago south loop in 2000 and started his successful street photography career.

His style of urban street photography is more in the fine art genre, taking general street photography to a whole new level. His approach and style is about telling the stories through fine art street portraiture, or thought provoking scenes. One of the reasons Kevin’s street portraits stand out among the very best, because he gets to know his subject on a very personal basis. He doesn’t take random images that catch or exploit a less fortunate group of people, because it just isn’t him.  In fact, Kevin asks permission to take a persons image if he thinks they fit into his style of photography.

The stories is what it’s all about. Kevin says that after shooting street photography for almost 20 years, it’s not hard to figure out who is real or who is just on the street conning passers by for money. He says that it took him six months in the beginning to figure this out, otherwise his portraits would just be good pictures, instead of compelling stories of the streets.

Street Portraits

This past year Kevin has noticed a huge change in the type of people and stories he photographs. The type of people he has always been drawn too are street people, recluse individuals who have led very interesting lives, and the emotion shows in their faces. Its all about the emotional connection between the photographer and the canvas. 

Kevin has been photographing the streets of Chicago now for almost 20 years. Still walking the streets, finding his next urban scene and portrait. He has a knack to find hidden places to photograph with odd compositions in places corners all around Chicago. Kevin says; These urban scenes are what it’s all about. “I seem to be attracted to these odd type of places, which inspire me to make an interesting composition from them”.

Kevin’s Street Photography Tips Page

is a must read, if you want me become a better street photographer. He gives many proven techniques and secrets on *Getting The Shot* Click on this link (How To Become A Standout Street Photographer) to read his move valuable techniques that has won many international awards.

If you see Kevin on the streets, stop and say Hi!.

Street Photography Scenes

Upcoming Shows

Kevin will be displaying a fine art street photography series of nine portrait images at the curated international art show Artprize in Grand Rapids, MI from Sept 19 – Oct 07. His work will be displayed at the Fountain Street Church. Stop by and have a look. Pretty much the whole city turns into an art gallery, showing works of art all over the city, inside and out. It’s the largest international art show in the world.


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