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Urban Storyteller – Kevin O’Connell
Different types of Street Photography 
Fine Art

A style of street photography that goes further into the aspect of artistic photographic techniques.  More of a creative style of shooting, and mostly used with urban street portraits.
Chicago Streets

Kevin O’Connell captures the urban culture of Chicago. His photographs tell a story about life in Chicago, through his portraits and urban scenes.

The best urban portraits in the world. Incredible detailed faces and emotional expressions. that bring these street portraits to life, without adding any post processing.

Tips and Techniques

A list of tips and techniques on how to become a standout street  photographer. Kevin discusses his techniques and give important tips to become a better street photographer.

Urban Landscape – Architecture

A series of urban building photographs that you will fall in love with. Unique building compositions and perspectives. Above The Horizon is a new collection of black and white cityscapes that were taken in Chicago. These minimalist images show the natural beauty and contrast of unique places around the city.