A man sweeping the sidewalks in Chinatown Chicago in Black and White.

How To Become A Standout Street Photographer

Street Photography – Earning Credibility The Steps to moving up as a standout street photographer 1- Learn basic photography skills FIRST! – Please don’t pass this step by, because of the ease of technology in cameras these days. This is the most important step you need, and  more geared towards photographers that already have basic […]
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a man reading a newspaper at a coffee house in black and white

Street Photographers – Kevin OConnell Photography

A new Style Of Street Photography An Urban Explosion by Kevin OConnell   Kevin O’Connell brings a new approach to street photography with his amazing fine art urban scenes and portraits. Chicago Photographer – Kevin OConnell has been shooting street photography scenes for 20 years. His style of street photography is refreshing with a compelling […]
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Street Portraits – Urban Faces That Will Inspire You

Amazing Street Portraits by Photographer, Kevin OConnell Street Portraits of the urban landscape by Chicago photographer, Kevin OConnell. For the past 19 years, he has walked the city streets of the windy city. Kevin says – When I see an interesting face, I just have this need to photograph it. Asking my canvas questions about […]
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An urban picture of chicago buildings in black and white

Amazing Urban Scenes by Kevin O’Connell

Chicago Buildings & Urban CityScapes     The New Series – Above The Horizon, is an ongoing collection of Urban building perspectives in Chicago, with a fresh new and different look. This Black and White series is made up of cityscapes shot from the rooftops of surrounding buildings and other less traveled locations around Chicago […]
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Photograph of the grounds and amazing architecture of a beautiful residence in Penglipuran Village Bali.

Bali Temples and Incredible Landscapes

Bali Island Prints | Pictures For Sale A fine art collection of bali’s most beautiful landscapes   A small island in Indonesia with a huge presence. From amazing temples like Tanah Lot with magnificent architecture, to the Tegallalang Rice Terraces of Ubud. This little island has some very special places to photograph. Check out our collection […]
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A daughter taking a selfie with her father on a street corner.

Chicago Street Photography

Chicago Street Portraits And Urban Photography Scenes ChiTown Storyteller – Kevin OConnell    The Chicago Streets from Kevin’s perspective. A professional urban photographer of over 40 years. Chicago has been Kevin’s home for over 56 years, and 40 of those years as a photographer. He moved to the Chicago south loop in 2000 and started […]
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A Black and White urban scene of a wedding party having their pictures taken on a street overlooking Chicago in the background.

Does Instagram Help Artists and Photographers

Instagram Pros and Cons For Artists And Photographers chitown_storyteller The simple answer is YES and NO Let’s get right to the point, because I’m sure you, like myself, you hate reading those long winded introductions just to make more content – Its so fucking annoying, isn’t it?  *Updates For 2019* Well the inevitable seems to […]
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a professor and student sitting on a park bench, discussing life

Fine Art Street Photography

Fine Art Street Portraits and Urban Stories From Chicago and More – The Real Deal   First of all, a little about me and why I love street photography.  Visit Kevin’s  Fine Art Street Photography Collection – Here  *The Short & Sweet Version*  40 years experience working with both film and digital photography, an endless supply of […]
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chicago photography workshops

Chicago Photography Workshops 2018 | #1 Rated

2018 Chicago Photography Workshops Well, so far its been an interesting winter and I just can’t wait anymore. I decided to start the 2018 Chicago Photography Workshops very early this year.  Chicago has such a diverse look and feel during all the seasons, especially in winter. At this time of the year, it starts to […]
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Picture of a very colorful large wall mural of Vivian Maier

Instagram – Best Tips For A True Following * and keeping them*

The Most Important Instagram Tips You Will Need In 2018 – chitown_storyteller If your reading this, you are either just starting out, starting over, or regrouping because Instagram just isn’t working the way you thought it would. I am an accomplished photographer of almost 40 years, used all different types of photography techniques and cameras, […]
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