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a black and white picture on a busy chicago street corner of a daughter taking a selfie with her elderly father

Chicago Street Photography – Kevin OConnell

Kevin OConnell, The Urban Storyteller Chicago has been Kevin’s home for over 56 years, and 40 of those years as a photographer. Kevin moved to the Chicago south loop in 2000 and started his successful street photography career. His style of street photography is more in the fine art genre, taking general street photography to […]
Chicago cityscape from above

Chicago Pictures For Sale

Chicago Photographs Photography That Will Sooth Your Soul Chicago is one of the greatest cities for skyline and street photography. Kevin O’Connell is a native of this wonderful city and has taken the bar up a notch, with many award winning fine art images. In the Chicago collection, you will have your pick from many […]
picture of the iconic Wishing Well motel in Pontiac Illinois on historic Route 66

Historic Route 66 – Fine Art Prints

A Route 66 Collection of Fine Art Images by the creative award winning photographer & old coot, Kevin O’Connell     What Makes Our Prints So Special Kevin O’Connell is a professional fine art photographer with an emphasis on creativity, bold, and off the beaten path imagery. The images Kevin looks for and finds aren’t […]
dicks automotive on historic route 66

Route 66 Memorabilia – Pictures For Sale

  Fine Art Pictures of Route 66 Do you remember the side shows of the 1920’s, or how about the interesting architecture of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s? Come and have a look at the route 66 memorabilia collection of photographer, Kevin O’Connell. Not just your average route 66 pictures, but fine art images that […]
black and white picture of an old abandoned farm on historic route 66

Does Instagram Help Artists and Photographers

Instagram Pros and Cons For Artists And Photographers chitown_storyteller The simple answer is YES and NO Lets get right to the point, because I’m sure you, like myself, hate reading those long winded introductions just to make more content – Its so fucking annoying, isn’t it?  The Pros; You will get a great platform and […]
black and white fine art photograph of a student talking to his teacher on a park bench

Fine Art Street Photography | An Urban Explosion

Fine Art Street Portraits and Stories – The Real Deal   First of all, a little about me and why I love street photography.  Visit Kevin’s  Fine Art Street Photography Collection – Here  *The Short & Sweet Version*  40 years experience working with both film and digital photography, an endless supply of creativity with a big dose […]
picture of two young boys face to face, texting on their phones

The Harsh Reality | Social Media And Your Business

The Low Down Dirty Facts *Will Your Business Survive* Here are my two cents on social media, and why its a facade of mostly garbage. Kind of like the good cholesterol that you should have in your system verses the bad. Do any of you remember when Facebook first came out? It was just a […]
chicago photography workshops

Chicago Photography Workshops 2018 | #1 Rated

2018 Chicago Photography Workshops Well, so far its been an interesting winter and I just can’t wait anymore. I decided to start the 2018 Chicago Photography Workshops very early this year.  Chicago has such a diverse look and feel during all the seasons, especially in winter. At this time of the year, it starts to […]
Picture of a very colorful large wall mural of Vivian Maier

Instagram – Best Tips For A True Following * and keeping them*

The Most Important Instagram Tips You Will Need In 2018 – chitown_storyteller If your reading this, you are either just starting out, starting over, or regrouping because Instagram just isn’t working the way you thought it would. I am an accomplished photographer of almost 40 years, used all different types of photography techniques and cameras, […]
Chicago cityscape from above

Chicago Cityscapes

Come to Chicago, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. The food is second to none and the people will welcome you with open arms. One of the greatest perks of this amazing city is its size. In a huge city thats compacted into a smaller to medium size. This is perfect for the traveler who […]