Urban Photography by Kevin OConnell

*A look at some of the best urban skylines and cityscapes in Chicago*

An urban picture of chicago buildings in black and white
Chicago Architecture

Chicago has some of the most amazing urban architecture and eye catching building photography. When taking street photographs, these buildings are a great backdrop, because they add even more interest to the images . Many different contrasts are present from building to building, and little clusters of architecture that look fantastic together.

black and white picture of chicago buildings

Above The Horizon Series

A collection of urban Cityscapes by Kevin O’Connell

This series was photographed in Chicago, because it’s the perfect city for urban and street photography scenes. 

Above The Horizon, is an ongoing urban photography collection of building perspectives with a fresh new look. This Black and White series is made up of cityscapes shot from the rooftops of surrounding buildings and other less traveled locations around Chicago by professional photographer, Kevin O’Connell.

Kevin has a special talent of finding and capturing hidden gems that many walk past everyday. This is even more amazing, considering Kevin is totally blind in one eye and less that average vision in his other. If  you like this series of work, you should check out his main fine art street photography page because there is much more to see. Stunning and award winning street portraits, and urban scenes that will blow you away.

Weather conditions in Chicago make for some very interesting photographs, especially during the winter. If you’re an early bird, check out a sunrise, as they can be magnificent.

Check Out The Chicago Street Photography Page below

Street Photography by Kevin OConnell

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