Amazing Lighthouses of Lake Michigan

The Most Beautiful Lighthouses In The United States

Photographs That Inspire by Kevin OConnell

Some of the most amazing and iconic lighthouses in the world, photographed by Kevin O’Connell. During the winter many of these historic Lake Michigan lighthouses turn into a treacherous seascape scenes right out of a sea novel. 

Many people from around the world try to visit during the winter, in hopes of photographing or taking in the beauty of the frozen St. Joseph Lighthouse covered in ice. It’s very hard to predict when the best time to come is, because there isn’t one. If you catch the right day or week, the icy break water leading out to the lighthouse is magnificent, but very dangerous at the same time.  No guard rails, so be very cautious on getting too close to the edge. Kevin has taken many incredible fine art prints of the St. Joe during these cold months, and has won many international awards.

Frozen St. Joe Lighthouse – A Winter Wonderland

the amazing frozen st. Joe lighthouse of lake michigan
St. Joseph Lighthouse in Winter

As you can see from the pictures above, walking out to the lighthouse is very rough on the ankles and feet. The ground is made up of different size ice balls that are very slippery and hidden under alight blanket of snow. I put ice cleats over my boots and recommend you do the same. Better to be safe than sorry. If you fall into lake Michigan, game over. Also, be very nimble and aware, because your foot will slide between these ice balls and can cause a broken ankle. I can’t stress this enough, please be over prepared if you’re going to photograph or just take in the beauty of the St. Joe lighthouse during winter.

My girlfriend always comes with me when I photograph unsafe or dangerous places like this. She waits in the car and keeps in touch with me from her cell phone intermittently while I’m out photographing. You should always have a partner or someone that can get help if you need it. As a photographer of many years, my mom is use to this and my girlfriend usually calls her for a moment, to let her know that I’m doing something stupid again. In my upper 50’s now, and partially blind from Multiple Sclerosis it’s getting harder for me to do these photographic adventures, but I do them anyway. Make sure you take a look at the lighthouse prints link below, for the entire collection.

Below is one more picture that I love of the famous Frozen St. Joe Lighthouse

St. Joe Lighthouse Print
Frozen St. Joe Lighthouse


Other Lighthouses You Shouldn’t Miss

So many amazing lighthouses to see, it’s hard to just visit one

The big and Amazing Big Sable Point Lighthouse during winterlittle sable lighthouses are two worlds apart, yet both of them are must see’s. The Big Sable is a short hike through the woods, and can be a little tough in winter, but one of my favorites.


The lighthouse prints collection is filled fine art images of many lighthouses around three Lake Michigan. This collection covers over one thousand miles of shoreline and three states, including Michigan, Wisconsin and Illinois. The famous St.Joe Lite, Big Sable Light, Old Mackinac Point, Grand Traverse, Point Betsie and much more.  All prints can be tailored to your size and needs. Printed on only the best fine art papers and metal.


Lake Michigan Lighthouse Map

If you’re looking for a detailed map of all the best lighthouses to visit on Lake Michigan, look no further. I made a map with detailed directions for you. You will also see pictures of each lighthouse to make sure its something you or your family will be interested in. I will be adding more from Wisconsin soon.


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