About Kevin OConnell – Fine Art Photographer | Designer [box type=”shadow”]Kevin has been a photographer and artist for almost 40 years. Starting out using film cameras in the late 70s, and conforming to digital over the past ten years. Unlike most photographers, Kevin enjoys all aspects of shooting both film and digital photography mediums, and still uses both. What he loves most, is the creativity and freedom that he uses to make his fine art photography. Some rules are meant to be broken at times, especially with art. If one loves what he or she does passionately, they will never get bored or weary of the repetition. Kevin has traveled around the world to many exciting places to photograph; Including Antarctica, New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, Central Pacific, and most of the 50 US states. He has won many (International Awards) for his photography as a professional and is published in books and magazines. Photography has changed over the years now with digital technology, so you need to wear many hats in order to be successful. Its proven now that if your very good at internet marketing and computer technology, you will out sell the professional fine art photographer with ease. This is so true, as many traditional photographers that have not welcomed computer technology, find themselves under millions of computer enthusiasts selling photography prints without even basic Photography or camera skills. What you get with one of my fine art images, is a photograph that was planned out, sometimes many months in preparation – A true planned photographic composition – Not a thousand shots per setting, picking out the best 5 images you find. When you buy a fine art image from me, its because that is what I do for a living full time, I’m one of the best at my profession, and I love what I do. [/box]

Competition Awards
1-International Photography Awards
2-Black and White Spider Awards
3-Outdoor Photographer
4-International Color Awards
5-International Aperture Awards

1-Esthetic Eye Magazine
2-Storyteller Book
3-Photographers Forum