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 Abandoned Places Around The World

Some of the most influential Abandoned Places in the world. Many buildings across America are vacant and crumbling, because of neglect and past economies. Famous historic prisons that are still standing today, and structures that once had influential significance are now withering away. In Antarctica, Scotts Hut is one of the most iconic and amazing abandoned places in the world.


a black and white picture of the interior of scotts hut in antarctica
Scotts Hut Antarctica

Scotts Hut

I took this photograph above during my 4 months in Antarctica in 2007. Scotts Hut was a place I could not wait to see. Since it has not electricity, we had to go in the daytime, using only window lighting. To see this place preserved in time was fascinating. The only way to get Inside Antarctica is to work for the National Science Foundation or get a grant from a participating country. 


As The tour boat was pulling into Alcatraz San Francisco Penitentiary, I caught a glimpse of the Welcome sign that paralyzed my thoughts for quite a few minutes. While everyone else was running off the boat to photograph to the jail cells, I could not stop looking at this intense image.

When I got off the boat, I stood in front of the welcome sign to notice all the red writing over it (Indians Welcome). I had to look this up on Google because I knew it must have some sort of significant meaning.

City Methodist Church

The abandoned City Methodist Church in Gary Indiana was the coolest place I have ever seen. It’s a photographers dream, with large columns and beautiful architecture that is falling apart due to its closure many years ago. The vegetation growing and the gaping holes in the ceiling are a wonderful contrast to this crumbling historic building.

The City Methodist Church has been the backdrop of many famous movies, including Transformers. 

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